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Hassle-free DeFi - no chains, no wallets

Simplify cross-chain earning with transparency

Effortlessly earn up to 15% APY with multiple cross-chain farming strategies

Engineered Return

Maximize your earnings with engineered APR strategies designed for optimal yield


Track the performance of your assets across protocols and chains on a comprehensive dashboard

Seamless DeFi

Manage your positions with email or phone number and 2FA, no seed phrases / private key required

A Diamond is a yield-generating vault that employs diverse strategies,

across various protocols to generate yields from different chains.


Manage DeFi, Effortlessly

1 ETH = 1 ETH

1 ETH is 1 ETH, regardless of whether it is on Matic or Arbitrum. Users can enjoy the same experience as they would with centralized applications, without worrying about the chain.

Easy Deposit without bridging

Hodlify hides all the bridge operations for you. You can just consider your token without any chain concern.

One Diamond to earn from multiple chains

Users can earn yields from multiple chains by depositing tokens on a single chain, thanks to the Diamond’s  selection of the best yield source. With multiple implemented strategies, users can maximize their returns and enjoy a seamless and hassle-free experience.


Understand your DeFi with clarity

Performance Chart
Manageable Risk
On-chain data

Easy and Seamless

Open your account in 5 minutes or less